Find a Club


With approximately 30 clubs in our Province, we hope you will find a club nearby that will fit your needs to meet your skating goals, whatever they may be. Please visit our “Learn to Skate – Canskate” page under “Programs” to locate a New Brunswick club. 


Now that you have found a club, it’s time to register for a session. Skating registrations often happen twice a year; the first being before the school year starts, and the second being before the New Year. To avoid signing up to the wrong session, please communicate by phone or by email directly with the club. They will help guide you through the process and will be able to answer any of your questions. For additional information on our programs please click on our "Programs" drop-down menu.


Welcome to the skating community! You have found a club, and you have registered for a session. Now you are ready to skate! Make sure you have the right equipment before your first session; CSA approved hockey helmet for our Canskate program, suitable skates for our Skating programs, appropriate attire, etc.