Skate Canada New Brunswick Program Fee

As of September 1, 2019, a new fee will be charged to each skater - a Skate Canada NB program fee. This $ 10 annual fee will apply to all skaters registered within a Skate Canada NB club. Please note that this Skating Program Fee does not apply to volunteers, officials and members of your executive that do not skate. 
This new fee, which replaces the SCNB lottery, will be used to subsidize Skate Canada New Brunswick's programs (eg. CompetitiveSkate, STARSkate, SynchroSkate and adult skating, officials and coaches).
We strongly encourage the following: 
  • Keep a list of your Members that properly identifies their role (eg. skater, official, volunteer, etc).
  • Include this fee with your registration fee
  • Identify this $10 fee as a SCNB Skating Program Fee which replaces the lottery
Clubs will be billed three times a year based on registration numbers with Skate Canada; in the fall (approx. November), winter (approx. March) and spring (approx. May).  Clubs will be required to submit $10 for each skating member and the names and Skate Canada numbers of their non-skating volunteers.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Director Administration should you have questions.