Following Skate Canada's Fee Increases, the SCNB Program Fee has been revised. 


Skate Canada New Brunswick (SCNB) replaced its lottery with the Skate Canada New Brunswick Program Fee. These monies are used to subsidize skating programs such as Podium Pathway, STAR, Synchronised Skating, Adult Skating, Learn to Skate, Officials and Coaches.

Important Notice

Effective September 1, 2023, SCNB wishes to advise clubs that the program fee will remain unchanged at $15.00; however, the method of collection will be coming from two (2) different sources.

Source #1: Skate Canada has increased the registration fee as of September 1, 2023 and the SCNB portion has increased by $5.00. The SCNB board has decided to apply this $5.00 increase to the credit of the Skater Program Fee as of September 2023.

Source #2 With the increase noted in Source #1, clubs should only bill the skater $10.00 with respect to the SCNB Skater Program Fee. The sum of Source #1 and #2 will meet the $15.00 per skater requirement.

The following registrants will be exempt from this fee:

  • Club Board Members that are not registered in any skating program
  • Synchro Team Managers and Chaperones that are not registered in any skating program
  • Officials (Data Specialist, Judges, Tech Panel, Evaluators, Announcers) that are not registered in any skating program
  • Program Assistants that are not registered in any skating program
  • Skate Canada New Brunswick Board Members that are not registered in any skating program

Billing process

SCNB will invoice the club/skating school for registrants based on data provided by Skate Canada. Any registrant who is registered for a skating program (eg Podium Pathway, STAR, Synchronised Skating, Adult Skating, Learn to Skate, etc) will incur a $15 SCNB Program Fee effective July 1, 2022. 

Changes to the Invoicing System.

In order to facilitate the invoicing process and the credits due to clubs with respect to eligible registrants who are noted above, SCNB has created an exemption application request that all clubs should complete and submit no later than November 30, 2023 to coincide with the initial billing period of the Skater Program Fee. Please note that applications made after November 30, for the exemptions will not be considered.


Processing of the exemption application will result in the following credits on your November 30 invoice of each year:

Reduction of one (1) registrant (skater) from the $10.00 fee for each eligible exempt registrants

Credit of $5.00 for each eligible registrants against the invoice as Skate Canada has already collected this money on our behalf

Reimbursement of any Official for whom the CLUB has paid the registration fee for that Official (less the $5.00 already credited in bullet 2 above). Proof of payment by the club will have to be submitted to get this portion of the credit

Example of a SCNB invoice dated of November 30 providing the Club has submitted an Exemption Form.

Tiddlywick Club has 54 registrants.

Exemption form submitted included the following:

  • Club President
  • Club Treasurer
  • Club Secretary
  • Director at Large
  • One official
  • One synchro chaperone
  • One SCNB Board Member






  $10 (SCNB Fee)

  54x10 = $540




  7x-$10 = -$70

Skate Canada Registration Fee Credit



  7x-$5 = -$35

Officials Registration Fee Credit



  1x-$53.65 = -$53.65





*Official’s registration fee is $58.65 of which is $5 has been accredited in #3.

There will be three (3) invoicing periods during the year. All invoices are emailed to the last known address as supplied to the SCNB Treasurer, If you are not getting invoices from the Treasurer or wish to change the email for invoicing purposes to another email address please forward the new email address, individual responsible and contact telephone number to

  • Fall – November 30th
  • Winter - January 31st data
  • Spring – March 31st data
All invoices issued by SCNB relative to the Skater Program Fee are due thirty (30) days after the date of the invoice and any club who has not paid within thirty (30) days will be deemed to be non-compliant. SCNB reserves the right to take actions against a club that fails to remit the SCNB Skater Program Fee by the due date. Such action may include placing the club in non-compliance and making their skaters ineligible to participate in competitions, test days and or events until full payment is received.