Without officials, Skate New Brunswick skaters would not be able to compete or have test days in our province. There are many types of Officials, each donating countless hours and expertise to the sport.

Are you a former skater looking for a meaningful way to stay involved in skating? Are you a parent or former coach that would like to see another side of the sport? If so, you may want to consider officiating. Officiating is a fun and rewarding way to give back to the sport, make new friends from across the country and play an important role in the development of our skaters.

Categories of Officials and Their Roles
Judge, Evaluator, Technical Controller and Technical Specialist (JET)
For those with a skating background.

Judge or Evaluator: Assess the quality of the elements and performance of a skater or team in a competition or at a test day.

Technical Controller and Technical Specialist: Working as a team, they are responsible for the correct identification of elements and level of difficulty when attempted by skaters and teams in competition.

SCNB Officials (JET) Committee – jet@skatenb.org

Evaluator Pathway and STAR 6 - Gold Skills Coach Assessor Pathway

Data Specialist
Responsible for calculating the marks awarded by the judges and technical panel and tabulating the final result.

SCNB Data Specialist Committee – data.specialists@skatenb.org

For more information on how to become an Official, please visit:

Stake Canada Officials

How Judging Works

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