As of November 26, 2021

We continue to adapt. Changes highlighted in turquoise.

Circuit breaker guidelines for impacted Clubs and Schools

There are currently no circuit breaker areas in the province. Should these be re-instated, the guidelines below become in effect.
  • The guidelines below are in addition to those in the Operational plan for clubs located in Circuit Breaker zones.
  • Click below for the list of communities affected by the circuit breaker.
  • Skating activities for participants aged 12 years and over may continue to operate as status quo.
    • Proof of vaccination is required.  
    • Clubs should assess and understand the level of risk of transmission in their respective programs and may want to adopt stricter requirements.
  • At this time, unless an individual or club/skating school receives a public health directive or if there is a declared case at a school* there are no restrictions in the Mandatory Order preventing organized sport activities.
    • * When there are outbreaks in schools, public health and school directives may be different depending on the circumstances. Usually when a case is discovered in a school, they must close to conduct contact tracing, testing and cleaning. If the students have been advised that the school is closed due to a COVID-19 case, all students regardless of vaccination status must suspend participation in skating activities upon notification of the outbreak and on the following day unless they have been directed otherwise. Once contact tracing is completed, it is possible that some schools will remain in virtual learning for other operational reasons. Unless the school communicates that contract tracing efforts will be extended, participation may resume depending on the individual circumstances below:
      • Students who have been told by Public Health to isolate must not attend skating activities until cleared by Public Health.
      • Students who are fully vaccinated and have no COVID-19 symptoms can attend skating activities unless directed otherwise. In line with current Public Health guidance, a fully vaccinated student who is identified as a close contact must self monitor for a prescribed period of time. If they have at least one symptom, they must stay home, self-isolate and get a PCR test with Public Health.
      • If a communication from the school directs vaccinated students to “self-monitor,” these students may resume their skating activities as long as they do not have any symptoms of COVID-19.
      • If unvaccinated students are participating in the POCT (point-of-care test) commonly known as “rapid test” program to attend school, they may participate in skating activities as long as students do not have any symptoms of COVID-19 and have a negative POCT result taken on that same day. In this case, the club/skating school is not expected to validate the negative test. The onus is on the student/family to follow directives of the Public Health Act and the Mandatory Order.
      • If a school communication informs unvaccinated students who are not participating in the POCT program to “self-isolate”, students must not attend skating activities until after the isolation period is over. Clubs/Skating Schools should adhere to those directions but may adopt stricter requirements if they feel it is required.
  • Clubs and Skating Schools should be cautious by assessing and understanding the risk associated with their activities with this vulnerable age group. It is reasonable and acceptable for an clubs/skating schools to adopt stricter requirements given the current circumstances. For clubs and skating schools who choose to offer programming, it would be prudent to modify their activities and take measures to maintain physical distancing and wear masks where possible.
  • Spectators are allowed for all activities; however, some facility may have capacity limits. 
    • Clubs and skating schools are advised to use caution and put measures in place to prevent gatherings.
  • Travel in and out of circuit breaker regions is only allowed for pre-planned events that require proof of vaccination.
    • Proof of vaccination is required from ALL the participants and spectators.
    • U12 youth who cannot currently be vaccinated are also allowed to travel.
    • All organizations are advised to carefully consider and assess the additional risk that larger events and out of region travel poses.
    • During these activities, participants who are visiting should limit social interactions unrelated to the activity itself (eg. social gatherings with friends and family).
Club/Skating School Operational Plan
  • Following the reinstatement of the State of Emergency, clubs and skating schools are again required to have an operational plan.
  • Clubs may still opt  to use their 2020-21 plan should they wish to do so.
  1. Club Operational Plan Template (revised November 26, 2021, changes highlighted in blue)
  2. Vaccination Policy Template 
  3. The use of a waiver and declaration are strongly encouraged – remind members that they are to stay home if they exhibit symptoms.
As we adapt to live with COVID-19, some people will feel stress, anxiety and worry. We must be mindful and understand that feeling afraid or unsure about resuming activities and adapting is normal. This has been, and still is, a difficult time. For information related to mental health, please visit the following website: Bridge the gapp. A directory of services in your community can be accessed by visiting the Bridge the gapp or 211NB websites, or by calling 2-1-1.