This page is dedicated to the safe and happy return to skating for New Brunswickers as we evolve with the removal of Covid-19 restrictions. More information will be added in the coming days.

We continue to follow the recommendations of Federal and Provincial Public Health authorities and Skate Canada; we will keep you updated as needed.

As always, stay safe, wash your hands, social distance yourself and follow federal and provincial public health guidelines.

Public Health Agency of Canada

Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health

Skate Canada

FAQs - June 17 2020

When can skating resume?
New Brunswick’s Recovery Plan allows for rinks to reopen in the Yellow Level. In this phase, low contact sports may resume provided they operate as per guidance provided by Skate Canada and Skate Canada New Brunswick.


What does my club need to do to resume activities?

EVERY Club and Skating School NEEDS an Operational Plan. This plan must meet the guidelines set by four (4) authorities:

Skate Canada New Brunswick will provide a template for our clubs as they plan their return to skating. This template will be based on the following guidelines:

At this time, we are focusing on singles skating only. Programs such as CanSkate, CanPowerSkate, Synchro, etc. will be addressed later this summer.


  • SCNB needs to review your Operational Plan prior to the start of your programing. We will also keep a copy on file.
  • Operational Plans will need to be updated and reviewed as the situation evolves.


Can our club or skating school adopt Skate Canada New Brunswick’s Operational Plan?

No, you cannot adopt SCNB’s Operational Plan.

Our Coaches are self-employed; do they require their own Operational Plan?

Unless the coaches offer activities independently of a club/school, they are not required to have their own Operational Plan.

The Club and Coach relationship is that of an Employer and Employee. What are their roles?

WorkSafe NB, whose role is to promote healthy and safe workplace environments for employers and employees, has created a webpage which contains various documents pertaining to Covid-19.

One important resource for Clubs and Coaches is the guide: Embracing the New Normal which provides information and an operational plan template.

Where can we purchase hand sanitizing or protective equipment?


Where can I find a guide on cleaning and disinfection for Covid-19?

Has our National Sport Organization (NSO), Skate Canada, provided guidelines which Clubs and Coaches must follow?

Yes, they are found here:

Does Skate Canada Insurance cover Covid-19?

Unfortunately, no it does not. Skate Canada will provide a waiver.

What are the key factors we must consider in our operation plan?

The following are key words:

  • Physical (or Social) Distancing
    • A MUST!
    • Low Contact
  • Screening
  • Hygiene
  • Cleaning and Disinfecting
  • Communication
  • Bubbles!


Homework for Clubs, Skating Schools and Coaches 

EVERY Club or Skating School NEEDS an Operational Plan. Although SCNB will provide a template, Clubs and Schools have homework.

  • You MUST contact your facility and find out how they will operate. You should request a copy of their operational plan in order to incorporate their plan into yours.
  • Has your club done a risk assessment?
    • SCNB identifies 4 stakeholders within a club:
      • Skaters
      • Coaches
      • Parents
      • Volunteers
    • Have you identified the risk of exposure? Number and intensity of contacts within your operations? For example, dressing rooms, opening/closing doors, use of harness, coach positioning skater, playing music, etc.
    • You must also consider on-ice vs off-ice activities. For example, where can a skater do their warm-up; should skaters arrive prepared to go on the ice; where do they register etc.
  • Has your club identified an individual who will oversee your Covid-19 operational plan?
    • This person will need to implement, monitor and update your plan as the situation evolves.
  • Physical Distancing
    • This is a must for every operational plan.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting protocol
  • Program Management
    • Example: CanSkate badges, name tags, report cards
    • Playing music

Highlights from May 26 webinar with Steve Indig

Hurry up, slow down”

Business Operations

  • Club business during Covid-19 will look different. It is highly likely that you will not operate at 100% capacity.
  • Urges everyone to look at various business models.
    • Can we operate at 10%, 25%, 50% registration capacity? Do we have to dip into our rainy day funds?
    • Need to think that it is likely clubs will open, close, open, close. This is a dynamic situation.
    • Plan for long-term and not just short term.
    • Review contracts, leases to understand short and long term financial liabilities or potential early termination provisions.
  • Don’t bankrupt organization! Be informed of your operation.

Online Training


  • Insurance does not cover Covid-19 claims.
    • SCNB will be providing a waiver/assumption of risk and COVID-19 declaration to our Clubs.
  • Very important to follow governmental (Federal, Provincial, and Municipal) legislation, guides and recommendations.


Waivers and Declaration

  • Recommends the following for the SCNB Skating Family:
    • Waiver
    • Assumption of risk (for minors)
    • Declaration with respect to COVID-19
    • EDUCATE your members about the risks
  • SCNB has the above documents for all our clubs.
    • Must be signed by all Coaches, Skaters and Volunteers.
    • Documents are fillable PDF files and available in English and French
    • SCNB will provide each club a Dropbox folder which will contain the documents AND allow you to store them in the appropriate folder.

Sport Law and Strategic Group website:

Other resources