September 21 2019

Dear clubs and coaches,

A new skating season is quickly approaching which means that SCNB Day is not far away! For the first time, our AGM will be held in conjunction with SCNB Day. Plus, this year will be our 50th anniversary as a Section!

Again, we are planning an informative SCNB Day - one which will help up deliver some of our new strategic goals. Two of goals which we aim to target are:
  • Standardize the delivery of programs at the club level
  • Support the delivery of programs through the education of standards and program content so that Clubs meet SC program delivery standards.
To help up accomplish this, and to help you offer great programming, we are making it mandatory that one club Board member and one club coach be present for this one-day blitz. Staff from Skate Canada will be here to offer sessions on CanSkate and STAR 1-5.

There are no registration fees this year and SCNB will pay either mileage ((max $130/club (includes board member and coach who carpool together)) or one night hotel stay (one per club which includes board member and coach at the Crowne Plaza) AND every club will be receiving a CanSkate kit!

Come and join us in Dieppe on September 21st for a great day of learning and sharing!