Message for SCNB's skating familiy

At this time, the information below is all that we are aware of at the moment. If and when this changes, we will issue another communication.

  • As of Friday, October 8that 6pm, a circuit breaker will be put in place in the following areas of the province for 14 days :
    • Regional Health Zone 1 (Moncton Region) as far north as and including Ste-Anne-de-Kent
    • Regional Health Zone 3 in the upper Saint John River valley north of and including Florenceville-Bristol,
    • Regional Health Zone 4 – all areas
  • Skating activities for participants aged 12 years and over may continue to operate as status quo.
    • NOTE: Proof of vaccination is required.  
    • Clubs should assess and understand the level of risk of transmission in their respective programs and may want to adopt stricter requirements.
  • At this time, we are waiting for clarification for programs with skaters aged 11 years and under.
    • We are aware that all school based extracurricular activities for this age group will be suspended in the circuit breaker regions.
    • Once the clarification has been received, clubs should assess and understand the level of risk in this age group and may adopt stricter requirements based on the fact that these participants are not vaccinated.
  • We are under the impression that there are no restrictions on spectators as long as proof of vaccination is required.
    • A child aged 11 years old and under may attend as a spectator provided that they are accompanied by a fully vaccinated parent/guardian.
  • Travel in and out of circuit breaker regions is only allowed for events that require proof of vaccination whether they are hosted indoor or outdoor.
    • Based on the above, Fall Skate is going on as planned.
    • Proof of vaccination is required from ALL the participants.