Message for SCNB's skating familiy

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From the onset of Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, SCNB has always encouraged its skating family to follow federal and provincial Public Health guidelines. While restrictions have eased in our picturesque province, the pandemic has not ended. We continue to encourage everyone to respect each other and follow GNB guidelines while we adapt to Living with Covid.

At this time, SCNB recommends a responsible and cautious approach:  

  • COVID-19 Operational Plans are no longer required.
    • We are willing and happy to review any documents should you wish for us to do so.
  • Waivers and declarations should still be signed.
    • These will be revised and shared as soon as possible.
  • Follow your facility’s guidelines should they have any.
  • Preventing the spread of this virus should be on everyone’s agenda.
    • Keep in mind, the majority of our members are under the age of 12 and these members are not vaccinated.
    • Clubs should assess and understand the level of risk of disease transmission in their respective activities (example risk associated with CanSkate programing, spectators).
      • Appropriate transmission mitigation measures should be taken when there’s an elevated risk. For example, Clubs may choose to retain certain measures such as mask use and limiting large groups.
      • Continue cleaning and disinfecting protocols.
    • Plan traffic flow that allow people to move safely within your facility.
      • You may want to have separate entrances and exits.
    • Provide hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol in highly touched surfaces, entrances and exits.
    • Think of your daily operations and consider how protective health measures can be maintained or adopted to promote health and wellbeing long-term.
  • Masks and social distancing are encouraged in situations where people gather or when illness levels are high in your community.
    • You may choose to maintain a policy for skaters, coaches, parents/guardians and spectators to continue to wear a mask when not on the ice.
  • Refer to WorkSafe NB, for recommended protective measures.
    • Consider keeping screening tools to discourage participants from coming to club programming when sick, to get tested when two or more COVID-19 symptoms develop, and to stay home until well.
    • Encourage participants to stay home when sick and to get tested.
  • As we adapt to live with COVID-19, some people will be excited to resume their pre-pandemic lifestyle while others will feel stress, anxiety and worry. We must be mindful and understand that feeling afraid or unsure about resuming regular activities is normal. This has been a difficult time for everyone. For information related to mental health, please visit the following website: Bridge the gapp. A directory of services in your community can be accessed by visiting the Bridge the gapp or 211NB websites, or by calling 2-1-1.