Message for SCNB's skating family

Following today's announcement, we would like to point out information that might pertain to our clubs.

As always, please refer to the Government of New Brunswick Tourism, Heritage & Culture – Sport & Recreation Branch's FAQ - Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Good ol' Question 2
In the Orange alert level: "Intra-squad scrimmages are allowed within a single team/group but games, competitions, meets or races against other teams/groups are not allowed. Organizations must identify and implement means to limit the number and intensity of close contacts during the activity while strict physical distancing and mask use is required at all times off the field of play. (this means brief contact is now allowed but efforts to limit the contact where possible is still required)" 

  • Clarification: This implies that synchro teams may begin training elements that involve brief contact but efforts to limit the contact where possible is still required.  Mask use is required at all times when off the ice.

2. Our second favourite question: Question 4
Although it is still recommended to limit non-essential travel outside of respective public health regions, travel is now permitted between zones in the Orange alert level zones for the purpose of organized sport; however, this should be limited to seasonal teams/groups that meet on a regular/weekly basis. See the Question 4 table more details and clarification.

Stay safe everyone.