Message for SCNB's skating family

A clarification and reminder on this windy Thursday.

The following pertain to questions found in the Government of New Brunswick Tourism, Heritage & Culture – Sport & Recreation Branch - Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions 

We also want to remind our clubs that you can impose stricter restrictions if deemed necessary.

1. Our favourite Question 2
"The formation of new teams/groups/classes is allowed for indoor and outdoor activities provided their operational plan addresses the risk mitigation measures identified in these FAQs." 
"It is also recommended that organizations provide written communication of these directives to participants (parents/guardians) including any details such as the process for arrivals/exits, spectators, etc in order to alleviate any confusion prior to the start of the activity."

  • Clarification: This implies that new skaters (eg CanSkaters) can begin their programming (social distancing is a must). 
"For an individual who is a member of more than one club that holds weekly activities, he or she should consider limiting their number of social interactions but may continue their activities in both clubs."
  • Clarification: Skaters can train in more than 1 club but those skaters should limit their social contacts outside of the club. 

2. Travel between zones (Question 4)
Although a large part of the province is in the orange phase of recovery, travel restrictions between zones remain. Please refer to Question 4 for details.