Message for SCNB's skating family
Here we go again!

Firstly, Public Health dictates how and when facilities/rinks/arenas can operate. So if your facility is open, and allows for your club to operate, it remains at the discretion of the club board to get your skaters back on the ice as per your operational plan (make sure it is updated and follows Public Health guidelines).

Secondly, the Health Zones ( are not the same as Sport Regions ( Again, Public Health zones dictate the recovery phase which determines the return to skating (always refer to your operational plan and Public Health guidelines).

Thirdly, coming back to the infamous Question 2 in the FAQ. Please note that it now reads that the formation of new teams is “not recommended”. We are waiting for clarifications on this change and will share as soon once we receive information.

Last topic! If you are planning an event of some sort (eg ice show, STAR 1-3 event), you will need an operational plan. We have not yet received clarification on events but will want to review your plan in the interim.

Tourism, Heritage & Culture – Sport & Recreation Branch FAQ - Updated January 29