Message for SCNB's skating family The Covid pandemic continues to evolve in New Brunswick which unfortunately brings changes to our skating family.

At this time, we would like to share the following:

  • The Club Operational Plan template will be updated tomorrow (January 8 2021). Please review the changes and update your plans accordingly.
  • The  Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture’s Sport and Recreation Branch has updated its Covid-19 FAQ  ( Which include the following clarifications
    • Question 2: New teams/groups should not begin their activities at this time. Only pre-established single teams/groups should continue their activities. The group must be consistent and the number of individuals allowed on the ice should be kept as small as possible to guarantee two metres of physical distancing. In sum, Clubs can accept new registrations but these skaters may not begin their programming at this time.
    • Practices should not be conducted as per normal. In the Orange alert level, practices must be modified to maintain 2m physical distancing and ensure physical contact is restricted.
    • Question 4: Only essential travel is recommended in and out of Orange level zones. Organized sport is not considered essential travel.
The following table was added to Question 4 to specify what is permitted depending on the place of residence and place of sport activity, etc

Place of Residence

Location of Sport Activity

What is allowed?

Yellow Zone

Other Yellow Zone

Can participate/coach* in practices and games

Orange Zone

Yellow Zone

Cannot participate** or coach in a different zone

Yellow Zone

Orange Zone

Cannot participate** or coach in a different zone that is the orange alert level.

Orange Zone

Other Orange Zone

Cannot participate** or coach* in a different zone

*a coach who resides in a yellow or orange zone but must travel to an orange zone for work is allowed to continue coaching in the same zone in which they reside for practices only (no games).

**An exemption is for students who commute daily within the province to school in a different public health zone.  New Brunswick students who commute daily for school within the province can participate in activities in their school region, but they must follow the guidance for the color phase in which they reside. 

  • Questions 10, 19 and 20 Facility occupancy is limited to 50 or fewer; Locker rooms and common areas must be closed in gyms, fitness facilities and yoga studios; Showers must be closed.
  • Question 12 Active screening is required upon arrival to practice. As an enhanced precaution, for those who feel there is a greater element of risk, temperature checks can be requested at home or at the facility.
  • Question 16 While masks are not required by individuals while participating in an organized sport, they must be worn indoors at all other times, including between practices and games, etc. Masks are also mandatory in public spaces both indoors and outdoors. 

We really appreciate all the work our clubs, coaches, volunteers, and parents put into assuring a safe skating environment during these crazy times.

Stay safe everyone.