Message for SCNB's skating family
Please be advised of the following:

Which Zone do I live in? 

If a participant travelled to a region in the Orange Phase, currently Zones 1 and 5, are they allowed to return to their Organized Sport activities in the Yellow Phase Zones?

No. Although we understand these residents can attend school by following required guidelines including in relation to mask use, this flexibility does not apply to organized sport. Any participant who travelled to an Orange Phase zone is required to follow Orange Phase zone restrictions and guidelines for 14 days before returning to their activities in the Yellow Phase zone. To be clear, regardless if the participant can wear a mask or not during their activity, they cannot participate in an organized sport activity for 14 days.

Here is a link to the zones (Regional Health Authority):

What do I do if a parent or participant refuses to wear a mask when they are required to? (Yellow Phase Zone)

New Brunswickers understand that masks work to prevent the spread of disease. We will rely on New Brunswickers to make good decisions to protect themselves and others from COVID-19. However, fines will be imposed on businesses who overtly allow patrons to disregard the mask policy.

Operators are responsible for upholding the public health measures to mitigate risk of COVID-19 infection. Operators can refuse entry to individuals who are not adhering to required guidelines, including mask use.  Children under two and individuals who are medically-exempt from wearing a mask do not have to. For anyone who self-reports medical exemption from mask use, operators can’t any more questions or for proof of the medical exemption.