Skate Canada New Brunswick (SCNB) would like to recognize those who have remained active in skating, encouraging health and wellness, for themselves and others in this sport. Funding is available to provide financial assistance for members of SCNB who promote a long-term, physically active and healthy lifestyle through the sport of figure skating. Funding will be available to those who skate as an adult or who remain active in SCNB through coaching. An application is required, and a recipient will be chosen based upon criteria. The bursary will be given each year, pending availability of funds, considering that the eligibility requirements are fulfilled. This bursary is available to one member per year, in each category at the discretion of the Finance Committee.

The Finance Committee manages all applications and decides upon the recipient of each bursary.
The decision of the Committee is final.
Bursaries will be given out at the SCNB Banquet with the winner(s) receiving a free banquet ticket.
Application for the bursaries should be received no later than May 1st, 2019.

The Skate New Brunswick Active for Life Bursary of $200 will be offered in two categories
  • Adult Skating
  • Coaching

Each category will have individual criteria for eligibility, as stated below.

Previous winners may not apply.


Adult Skating
  • Must be registered with a SCNB member club for the qualifying year;
  • Volunteered for a minimum of 75 hours at the club and/or region and/or section levels during current skating season - provide a supporting letter;
  • A SCNB Ambassador / Role Model (provide 2 letters of recommendation explaining why you are considered a skating ambassador).

  • Must be at minimum a certified Club Coach;
  • Minimum age of 19;
  • Must attend at least one continuing education session and one coach meeting during the year (eg. Coach meeting at competitions or AGM, SCNB AGM and/or SC Ice Summit);
  • Currently be actively coaching – provide a supporting letter from club;
  • No longer competing;
  • Must volunteer at the Club, Regional, Section and/or National level - provide a supporting letter.

Please note: Only successful candidates will be notified.

Questions may be sent to:

Click here for on line application.