2016 – 2017 Skate Canada New Brunswick Skaters’ Lottery

It's that time of the year again when we join forces to raise money for New Brunswick skaters and their programs. As you know, the lottery provides an excellent opportunity not only to increase revenues for our clubs, but also to boost public awareness and support for figure skating in our province.
Please find enclosed the following information:
  •  Lottery prizes
  • Ticket Deadline – March 1, 2017
  • Accounting package
  • General information (i.e. distribution & collection of tickets, promotional ideas, etc.)
We ask that your club participate in this province wide fund raiser. We cannot stress enough the importance of your clubs participation in order to maintain the success of this worthwhile effort.
 If you have any questions regarding the lottery, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone at (506) 384-4081 or by email at
A sincere thank you for your continued participation and support.
Joan Richardson
Skate Canada NB Fund Raising Committee

2016 – 2017 Skate Canada New Brunswick Skaters’ Lottery
  • GRAND PRIZE       $5,000
  • 1st PRIZE            $1,000
  • 2nd PRIZE           $500
March 31 2017, Skate Canada New Brunswick Office
All lottery tickets and money must be submitted no later than March 1, 2017.However, if your club has completed its ticket sale, an early remittance would be greatly appreciated.
It is suggested that lottery tickets be distributed during registration.The cost of the one or two books given to each skater is included in the registration. Since the tickets are paid in advance, the skater only needs to return the completed stubs to the fundraising chairperson. This makes the fundraising chairperson’s job simpler.
Clubs that have used this method have had great success.
  •  There are 10 tickets per book. Price is $2.00 per ticket. Fifty percent (50%) of the price is retained by the club.
  • Skate Canada NB retains $10.00 for every booklet completely sold.
  • Lost and Partially sold books.
The Skaters' Lottery is subject to audit by the New Brunswick Government and the Lottery Committee must be able to account for the total number of tickets as outlined in the lottery license. The following policy regarding lost or partially sold books has been taken:
LOST BOOKS Lost books are the responsibility of the clubs. Responsibility cannot be taken by Skate Canada New Brunswick Section, as the New Brunswick Section does not have direct access to the sellers. The responsibilities must be taken by the club and sellers.
  • All partially sold books must be submitted to the New Brunswick Skaters' Lottery with a remittance of $10.00 per book, regardless of the number of tickets sold.
  • The difference between $10.00 per book and the value of the tickets sold is either a profit or a loss to the club.
  • It is not acceptable for tickets to be purchased by a club or a region and any ticket stubs submitted in the name of a club or region will not qualify for prizes.

  1. When you receive your books, check the cover numbers and quantity to ensure all is correct BEFORE you begin distribution. If there are any discrepancies, please contact us immediately. Do not distribute misprinted books.
  2. Club record sheets are attached to this document. KEEP A RECORD OF EACH BOOK AS IT IS DISTRIBUTED AND COMPLETE THE RECORD AS IT IS RETURNED. Click here to download Lottery forms
  3. Every effort should be made to distribute your tickets as soon as possible. The method used will vary  from club to club depending on size and location.
    1. Skaters wishing to sell more books are free to do so. Ask for all lottery  tickets to be sold and returned to the club within 60 days.
    2. Depending on the size of your club and the number of skating sessions, it may not be possible for you as Lottery Chairperson to be in direct contact with all your skaters. Arrange to have reliable people present at the various sessions who will be responsible for distributing and collecting tickets and collecting any money for you. Have them clearly identified as the person to go to at the session.
    3. To get the skaters interested in selling tickets, offer prizes for the top sellers within your club, for example: cash, radios, CD's, stuffed toys.
    4. Prepare a chart to show sales by each ticket seller. Display in a prominent place and update frequently.
    5. If your club has a Synchro team, get them involved in selling tickets as  a means of fund raising for their team, and share the profits.
  1.  Set a specific date for ticket stubs and money to be returned to you. Remember, you need time to meet the deadlines for return of same to Lottery Headquarters for the Final Draw.
  2. Put out notices or hand out printed bulletins reminding people they have tickets to sell and the date they are to be returned.
  1.  PLEASE return ticket stubs SEPARATED and ready for the draw.
  2. PLEASE BE SURE THE SELLER'S NAME AND YOUR CLUB'S NAME ARE ON ALL TICKET STUBS BEFORE THEY ARE RETURNED TO LOTTERY HEADQUARTERS! This is essential if your club and sellers are to receive credit for the ticket sales. A club stamp could be used to stamp all tickets before distribution within your club. This will prevent further work for yourself as Lottery Chairperson and the Section Lottery Committee who must deal with tickets from all over New Brunswick.
  3. Opening a separate bank account for the Lottery makes the Chairperson's accounting and handling money a lot easier. Have all cheques payable to this account; then you only need to submit one cheque to Skate NB. PLEASE avoid sending cash if possible when submitting money to Lottery Headquarters. A cheque or money order payable to “Skate NB” is preferred.
  4. When returning tickets and money by mail, insure or register; then you will know that they arrived safely. Many clubs use a courier service when submitting tickets to the Lottery Headquarters. This is usually faster than postal service.
  5. Don't forget the accounting sheet when sending in tickets and money.
PROMOTION The Lottery Committee suggests your club create a poster(s) to help advertise and promote ticket sales within your club and community.
  •  Sell tickets at hockey games. Remember that a good number of those little guys in CANSKATE end up playing after learning basic skating skills with your club.
  • Bowling alleys have been excellent for selling.
  • Ticket selling booths set up in front of liquor stores generally work very well.
  • Call local radio stations and local community newspapers to ask for free public service announcements concerning the fund raising campaign, mall displays, etc. Your skating club is a non-profit organization and can usually get free media coverage.
  • Local convenience stores might be willing to help.
  •  Mall displays have been very successful for ticket sales. Depending on the area, some large malls must be booked well in advance.
  •  Show a video of your local club carnival or world-class skating shows in the mall displays. Mall managers may be able to help you borrow a VCR and TV to use. Clubs will find this a real attention getter.
  • Also, skaters will always sell more tickets if they are wearing a skating or carnival outfit.