Skate Canada New Brunswick has over 30 clubs in the province which are grouped in 8 Regions. Please visit the Clubs and Regions menu which locates them throughout New Brunswick. If you have not been able to find an answer in the Club & Regions sub-menus, they might be answered here. If not, please send your query to SCNB's Executive Director: executivedirector@skatenb.org   Frequently Asked Questions Q.  Our club president has resigned, now what? A.  Generally a club will have a Vice President.  Part of the responsibility of the VP is to preside over a meeting that the president cannot attend.  In the case where a club president has resigned, the VP would then, upon approval of the Board, undertake the position and responsibilities of the club president. Q.  Do our club’s honorary members have a vote?  Do club honorary members have to be registered with Skate Canada annually? A.  If your club has honorary or life members, then your club’s by-laws must have a category of membership called honorary or life member.  This by-law would include the rights and privileges of these members.  If an honorary member does not fall into any other category of membership within your club, then it may not be necessary to register him/her with Skate Canada.  If the honorary member is also participating on the club board, in a club program or is an Official, then the club must register this member. Q.  Does a club coach who also has a child registered and skating at the club have the right to vote at our club AGM? A.  As a coach, this individual does not have the right to vote, however as a parent he/she will have the right to vote for his/her underage child. Q. What if we do not meet quorum for our club AGM? A.  If quorum is not met in accordance with the club’s bylaws, the meeting does not happen and another attempt to hold and AGM will have to be made.  The second attempt must follow the same procedures as included in the club’s bylaws. Q.  Does our elected club coaching representative have a vote at our club’s AGM? A.  Yes.  The club coaching representative is elected to the club board by the coaches and has the same rights and privileges as the other elected club board members. Q.  What is the purpose of a nominating committee and do we need one? A.  A nominating committee is responsible to provide a full slate of nominees to the club board prior to the general membership submitting nominations.  This will ensure that no vacant positions remain at the conclusion of the annual general meeting. Q.  What is the difference between the club’s constitution and the club’s by-laws? A.  A constitution provides the purpose and incorporated information where the by-laws are the rules and regulations for the operation of the club. Q.  Should our club include our club policies in our by-laws? A.  No.  The club policies should be a separate document that may need to be updated more frequently than the club’s by-laws.  The club policies should include information like the different sessions offered by a club, the club’s rules regarding the use of helmets for their CanSkate sessions, expected member conduct during club activities and other information that a club may feel relevant to ensure the daily operation of their club. Q. What do we do if our coach cannot attend an on-ice session? Do we have to cancel the session? A. No, you do not have to cancel the session. Although not ideal, as long as an adult who has CPR/First Aid and is registered with Skate Canada is at rink side, your session can occur. Q. Can we use Skate Canada's logo on our Club jackets? Please contact info@skatecanada.ca for information on the use of Skate Canada's logo.